Friday, February 1, 2008

Too Much of Anything is Too Much for Me.

Yesterday was cold and miserable. Windy, so windy the garage roof was down to shingles in spots. So windy that the wind-blown snow looked like smoke coming off the other houses. So windy that it looked like it was snowing horizontally and it wasn't really snowing at all.

Not a good day, yesterday. I did work out, twenty minutes on the gazelle just flew by, plus stretching and some free dance (same as this morning). I did very little in the way of anything constructive. Watered the plants, tidied up the basement, took the blue LEDs out of the chandelier. It was Mom's birthday, she would have been 85. I miss her. I thought about calling Dad, but he can't hear on the phone. My side, shoulder, neck and hand acted up badly, I ended up taking a Vicodin and watching crap TV until Lost came on. Then I watched more crap TV aka Lost. Twisty!

The wind was the forerunner of a weather front; it snowed in the night. I have eight inches of fresh powder on the driveway. I shoved a few paths through, fewer than the last time. Enough for the mail gal to get by, and enough to get the dog to the backyard. Enough to go out the back door and walk to the front of the house, but not enough to get to the street. I surrender, the snow wins. Oh yes, there's snow forecast for Sunday. I hate snow.

Since I'm housebound essentially, I baked. Dark brown whole wheat bread, yum. I cheat, I mix it in the bread machine then let it rise in a pan to be baked in the oven. The darkness is from black cocoa. I also made cookies for MyLarry; whole wheat butterscotch-cinnamon. They're reduced sugar; keeps them from spreading out like crazy at this altitude. The flour is a mix of all purpose white and organic wheat, with a bit of wheat germ. As for the bread, I have some dough conditioner which makes the loaf less dense, plus I toss in random things like a tablespoon of coffee and a dash of Kahlua. My bread is never fluffy, but has a good texture and a decent crumb. Superb toasted! I only ate a pinch of cookie dough, and two cookies once they were cooled. Now they're all packed up and ready for him to take on the truck. He eats them for breakfast with coffee. Yes, there's far more than what's in the picture!

p.s. .... I lied, just had a slice of the bread. It IS fluffy, like real bread! Yay!


archersangel said...

everything looks good. can you taste the coco in the bread?
the last timed i baked it was bread fro frozen dough.

MaggieMayDay said...

There's only a tablespoon of the black cocoa, so no, you can't really taste it, but it gives the bread a nice, dark color.