Friday, February 22, 2008

Catch and Release Books

How this works:

Every week or so, I'll post a few titles. I have hardbacks, a lot of non-fiction, history, some fantasy, horror and science fiction. Plus I may put up some of my F&sf back issues. I'm only talking a few dozen books so far, I haven't sorted all mine, and I might ask Dad if he wants to let go of Mom's books. I have other bibliophile friends who may need to lighten their bookcases, I'll ask around.

See one you like? You email me with a snail mail addy of some sort, I mail the book to you, probably media rate. If you're not in the US, I can decide not to send books if it is too expensive. You pay customs if applicable. Limit two per person, and if you get books one time, you might have to wait your turn. Please be over 18 in case I forget the book has naughty bits. If more than one person asks for the same book, I will roll the dice, random fairness. After you've read the book, pass it along if it has no place in your library. Or set it free through book crossings:

Okay? I should have a few books up tomorrow. This will be a long, slow process and no promises that I have anything wonderful to share. Trust me, I know how to eBay valuable volumes! This is for good clean friendly fun and nothing else. Set your books free!


k-bay said...

This is a fantastic idea! I've always taken my unwanted (but still in decent shape) books to the library, but it sounds much better to give them to someone who wants a specific book.

I loved your description of Persepolis in your previous entry, and I can see why you're drawn to history books. I also feel drawn to old places - as old as I can get to at this point. Museums help.

MaggieMayDay said...

Our library doesn't take many donated books. They sell them once a year. I may as well give them away.

Museums are my favorite places, but you have to be in an old, old place to get the fingers of time to dance up and down your spine.

archersangel said...

i have a book, but i was a bad girl & kept it.
other books i have "set free" in a sense. i turned them in for credit & 2 local used book stores. sadly both are out of business now.